Body Reboot

Body Reboot is a 12-week program I am doing through Metro Fitness, which encourages and promotes living a healthy lifestyle.   Heather Walker, a CSCS certified fitness professional with over 10 years experience in personal training, yoga and pilates, created and runs this program.  There is a group of us, mostly women and a couple of men, ranging in age from early 20's to late 60's.  As part of the program, we meet weekly and each keep a daily exercise and food journal, which we then send to Heather.  Accountability is huge for this group! 

In our first in meeting, each of us were weighed and given our body fat, water and LBM (lean body mass) percentages. From there, Heather keeps up with all of our percentages and we measure and weigh about once a week to check our progress.  Along with our percentages, Heather also included indivual goals for us over the next couple of months. 

At each meeting and through e-mail, we are given information and tips on nutrition, reading food labels and exercise.  It is basically like having your own personal trainer and nutritionist!