Thursday, December 30, 2010

Metro Fitness Gets its Groupon

If you haven't heard, Metro Fitness is featured on Groupon TODAY (Thursday, December 30) with a special of $40 for a one month membership (usually $69 per month for a single). For those of you who do not know what Groupon is, go to their website at  They offer daily deals at your local area businesses (they just recently came to Montgomery) and you can sign up to get on their e-mail to receive an em-mail of their daily deals.  It's genius!

Some might think I am writing this as a PR move for Metro, and know I have a bias to the place since my mother is Metro's general manager.  Well this presumption is somewhat true, but I also have a love and loyalty for this place and WANT to toot its horn. And it felt like an appropriate time to do so.

My mother has been with Metro Fitness since it opened in 1999, which means I've been there for the same amount of time.  I've grown up there, and it's hard to imagine my life without it.  Aside from my family, Metro Fitness will be one of the main things I will miss when or IF I ever leave Montgomery.  It is not only a place to work out, but it is like a family-the staff and the members.  Great friendships have started here.  Relationships have sprung into marriage from this house of fitness.  It's more than just a place to come work out.

Instructors and Metro members gather for the Metro Christmas Party!

"Metro Fitness has some of the most talented staff and instructors in the country." I will swear by that statement! I have heard people who have been to gyms all over the country say that Metro is one of the greatest gyms they have ever been to.  Though we're not in a "big" city, I believe our classes are some of the most creative and challenging out there.  Every instructor and personal trainer strives to give you your money's worth for every class and give you the best work out possible. They are never satisfied with status quo and are constantly researching to find new work outs to mix it up.

Some of the fabulous instructors & staff!

Do you push yourself when you work out on your own? I know I let myself off the hook too easy when a work out I'm doing is challenging.  This is where instructors and personal trainers strive to push the member and clients, giving them the confidence to go further than they thought they could. This might mean an instructor will be hated during the class for pushing the members, but I assure you that she will be loved  afterwords when the results can be seen! Ok, maybe I'm saying this from personal experience :)

That's me having some Turboween fun! Every year for Halloween, instructors and members dress up for Halloween. 

I spoke with someone who just started coming to Metro and she said, "This place just feels homie to me, and I love that. There are so many classes throughout the day which is great for my schedule." Even though I do not work for Metro, I still felt a sense of pride when I heard that. 

With 2011 fast approaching, resolutions will be in full force with many of them including to "lose weight." Without sounding too cliche, Metro is a place where you can feel comfortable and develop not only healthy habits, but friendships as well.  I encourage anyone who is reading this and who is not a member to at least try it out. My New Year's resolution is to continue to get healthy and stick with it! I hope to see you at Metro Fitness!

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  1. In total agreement Elizabeth, well said! Metro is a fantastic gym and David and I love the facility and most of all, the people.